Why should you have clean, soft Water in your House

Why Filtered Soft Water

Feeling under the weather? My Gran used to say “It must be something in the water.” Maybe this wasn’t just an old wives tale!

Much of the world’s drinking water is contaminated by industrial, pharmaceutical, agricultural and domestic pollution. Many ground water sources harbour highly toxic natural contaminants. According to many reasearch articles published, consumption of contaminated hard water over time may result in cancers, bone problems, nervous system damage, and other more subtle toxic health effects.soft clean water

As we all know, utility companies use a variety of chemicals to treat our drinking water, for example Liquified chlorine, Fluorosilicic acid, Calcium hydroxide, Aluminium sulphate and Sodium silicofluoride to name a few, in order to kill bacteria and other organisms in the water and provide us with ‘safe drinking water’. Some of these are, of themselves, harmful to health and many scientists are concerned about the long term effects of ingesting small amounts of these chemicals on our health and are actively seeking to change some of these processes.

Tap water has to travel from the source to our tap via a network of underground pipes, many of which were laid by the Victorians and it is very unlikely not to become contaminated by other chemicals or microbes like lead, bacteria and protozoa along route.Typical tap water contains:

Chlorine, Fluorine compounds, Trihalomethanes (THMs), Salts of: Arsenic, Aluminium, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Barium, Hormones, Pesticides, Radium, Copper and Nitrates.Despite concerns about the health hazards of adding fluoride to drinking water and the fact that fluoridation of water is banned in all European countries, around 10% of the UK’s drinking water is fluoridated. If you Google the effect of fluoride, I’m sure you will find all the information required to make a judgement for yourself.As Dr Marcola mentions any water filter is better than no water filter!

Best 4 Water Softeners offer a range of Drinking Water Filtration Systems at very competitive prices. As M.D. of this company I not only have a water softener in my home but also a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system and had them installed long before I started this company.

Each and everywater filtration systemavailable from Best 4 Water Softeners is of the highest operational quality and uses the latest technology to remove impurities and unwanted elements from your water. Remember, should you need to purchase any additional products for your water filtration systems we’ve made it possible for you to order an extensive range of accessories andreplacement water filters at the click of a button. Best 4 Water Softeners truly is your one-stop shop for all your needs, but should you have any difficulty placing an order or not sure which water filter or water softener you’ll need, you can get in touch with our team and have them install the best water softener and water filtration system for your house. Visit our website
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Get Creative in England

Creative in EnglandAdding on the list of non profit organizations are ;Creative England which is promising to offer help and support for individuals, small scale and large scale business in the creative field across England. Their services are versatile, including mentoring, delivering and also funding the people who are in need. They also have a newspaper named Creative England Stories, using which they are hoping to showcase the experience and talents of their clients to the world so as to inspire others around the country.

The directors of the organization suggest that they decided on printing the newspaper to feature the stories of individuals and firms who benefitted from their service, so that more people know about them and people in need can come to them. They also say that they would like it to see the piece as editorial and a story than just to boost sales. The newspaper is freely available at all creative venues and public places, throughout the year. You also find those stories online at the same time, follow them in twitter.

Creative in EnglandCreative England are also o the opinion that the creative heads from England including innovators and originators are the biggest contributors to Britain’s economy and they believe that it’s their responsibility to ensure that all creative industries including the digital ones continue to thrive and continues contributing to the economy. They also hope to be a hub or common place where all sorts of people can meet to exchange ideas, information and thoughts so as to convert it into business deals.

The team at Creative England also points out that there is a lot undercapitalization and also unequal opportunities that exist which refrains them to reach their optimum potential, and so they are committed to bridge the gap. Creative London also supports and encourages talent outside London and helps in making creative key clusters which is likely to provide a conducive environment which supports and motivates culture as well as talent.

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Portrait Exhibition – A Crowd Puller

Portrait ExhibitionThe widely popular Posters and Portraits exhibition came to its last day with a huge crowd of visitors. It happened at The Bridge Gallery of the Los Angeles City Hall; it had exhibits from in and around Los Angeles and also had some exhibits room the non profit organization, Inner-city arts. It was presented by ‘The Posters’ and had Collette McGruder, famous photographer showcasing the portraits that he took of 10 students.

Portrait Exhibition1He said that the exhibition not only highlighted the importance of culture and art , but at the same time it would help in moulding the future generation of LA. He also says the relevance of making art available to all the members of the society in a uniform manner. He also adds on to say that he is extremely happy with the success of the exhibition and was awed and thrilled at the response they received. He is hoping to make it an annual event so that it would stay in the minds of people.

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