Say Yes to Furniture

Say Yes to Furniture

Los Angeles based furniture stores named, YEAH! Furniture specialises in crating mid –century pieces which also has inspiration from California. For their new collection, they have clubbed up with the spectacular designer team off Project M Plus. They have decided to opt for a classic tabloid catalogue for the branding of the new series. They also have a quirky and fun newsprint look book which showcases the entire collection which stands out with the Matisse style cut outs and the desert landscape of California. YEAH!furniture also has a pop up store that they have put up with the help of other creatives from Los Angeles. Their tabloids are available in all the stores as well as at the exhibition.

YEAH! Furniture is extremely popular for their statement pieces and they stand out due to their originality. It also uses real raw materials including hardwood, steel, wool and leather. They also make custom made orders for people who come by looking for some specific design and piece. They are also known for the support that they extend to artisans who craft each piece beautifully and with elegance. They claim that they do so giving priority to understanding the needs of the customers, and deliver the supreme quality furniture which is bound to withstand time and wear and tear.

Coffee with Newspaper – A Nice Pair!

Coffee with Newspaper

In the midst of the city of London there is an artisan café, named Iris &June, they are not just known for their mind-blowing menu and addicting coffee, but what made them stand out is a classic tabloid they printed out as a thank you note for their customers. They undertook this publication to mark the café turning one. The owners considered it to be a special way to appreciate the local crowd and acquaintances who has always been extremely supportive. The Café also symbolises the celebration of living, culture and art.

They opened in April 2014 with a mouth-watering menu, addictive coffee and excellent customer service, and the owners want the café to stand out as a symbol of culture in years to come. They also see the publication as a medium to express their stand on various issues, and what makes them stand out from a normal coffee shop. They also have some of their suppliers featured in the magazine talking about the market and the difficulties in survival amidst all the competition without any compromise on the quality of service.

The restaurant, which is named after two of owner’s grandmother’s also feature special delicacies made on closely guarded family recipes. The owners say how they have regular customers who come there only to savour those and sometimes it becomes really difficult to manage the rush during peek hours and also during the holiday season. They distributed the copies of tabloids at the London Coffee festival and also at St James and Victoria stations. They are also hoping to extend the distribution to offices nearby and the neighbouring homes.