All Up For the Fashionista


The artworks of the student community of Westminister Fashion has brought out a tabloid featuring their new runway collections. This is the third time that they have chosen to have newsprint. It also shows off the 2015 Runway Collection in the form of classical illustrations. Along with that they also publish the work portfolio and fashion illustrations of student’s.

They believe tabloids to be the perfect medium for them as the students finish their illustrations only days prior to printing and the this pace and immediacy that the newspaper carries is the essence of the industry of fashion. At the same time it is also vital that the designs that are printed should be the exact version of what the model wears in the runway. The university also stresses on the importance of having their students presenting their work as 2D designs.

The university had 36 students graduating this year, which means that each student would get two pages to display their art work. The university also ensures that the students get a lot of exposure through various internships with the likes of established fashion icons like Marc Jacobs, Alexander Mcqueen, Jeremey Scott and Christian Dior. The students come back with these enriching experiences and it is vividly reflected in their work showcasing the aesthetical beauty.

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