Portrait Exhibition – A Crowd Puller

Portrait ExhibitionThe widely popular Posters and Portraits exhibition came to its last day with a huge crowd of visitors. It happened at The Bridge Gallery of the Los Angeles City Hall; it had exhibits from in and around Los Angeles and also had some exhibits room the non profit organization, Inner-city arts. It was presented by ‘The Posters’ and had Collette McGruder, famous photographer showcasing the portraits that he took of 10 students.

Portrait Exhibition1He said that the exhibition not only highlighted the importance of culture and art , but at the same time it would help in moulding the future generation of LA. He also says the relevance of making art available to all the members of the society in a uniform manner. He also adds on to say that he is extremely happy with the success of the exhibition and was awed and thrilled at the response they received. He is hoping to make it an annual event so that it would stay in the minds of people.

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